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 Dog problems? We can help.  We not only help you to train your pet,  but  also give you the opportunity to see your dog working in a  Feature Film, doing a T.V. Show, Television Commercial or a Print Ad Campaign. Most people just want a dog they can live. So we start with that. Then down the road if an opportunity arrises we take it from there. 


Below is a photo of Cody on the set of My Darling is a Foreigner. He attended boarding school at the age of 7 months in the Summer of 2009. Later that year in October I had a call for a yellow lab for a feature film. So I called up Cody's family to see if he could come and do the movie. They were thrilled and dropped him off at my house the night before we were set to film. 

The next day when we finished up I drove him home. A few days later Cody turned 1 yr old!