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Unusual Pets 101

Yesterday we filmed Unusual Pets 101. Instead of NYC we did the shoot in Philly. Which was great because it was only a 15 minute drive for my team and I. It was also HOT, HOT, HOT outside. As each animal arrived we got them unloaded and into the building. First up was the Capybara Hector. He was pretty calm I must say. We did put up some fencing to keep him contained on the set. But he did not run amok like I thought he might. He cooperated and let us get what we needed. 

  As a child I dreamed of having a skunk and a raccoon that would be best buddies with me and each other. After meeting Penny I KNOW that I was correct in thinking they would be a good pet for our family..We were all quite smitten with her ...


The momma donkey and her 8 day old foal were just precious to watch. They both were very relaxed on set. Very content just to be with each other and do donkey things like eat.


Lacy the goat is a real natural in front of the camera. She has the most star potential of any farm animal I have ever met. She also was very mellow when we brought in Lilly a female goat with horns. Nice to be able to show both. They did pretty well together. 


Last up were the pot belly pigs. We are hoping to add one of these guys to our family this fall. After meeting this little one we are very excited for cooler weather to set in. Since our little piggy is being flown in from the west coast.  

All in all we had a great time.  We very much appreciate all of the pet owners who brought their pets to the studio be filmed. Can't wait too see them on Animal Planet!

                                                                                              Dawn Wolfe